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Tennis in Schools Lessons

Year 3 and 4 students at St.Spyridons College have had the opportunity to enhance their tennis skills during term 4.

The fifty students from the two years have been participating in the Tennis NSW, Tennis in Schools program. This eight week program aims to introduce children to the game of tennis and improve the children’s basic tennis knowledge. This particular program has grown in stature and is now in schools from Port Macquarie to Albury.

Under the guidance of Tennis NSW Tennis in Schools coaches, Melissa Dudley and Andrew Falzon, the children’s skills have improved dramatically. Participants have honed their forehands, backhands and volleys during these action packed lessons.

The Tennis in Schools lessons have been organised through the Hellenic Tennis Association, an affiliated association of Tennis NSW, who have subsidized this introductory program for the schools students.

The College’s court has provided the perfect location for the lessons which the children have really enjoyed.

The program itself has been such a success that Tennis NSW, together with the College is already organising Tennis in Schools lessons for term 1 of 2007.